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Welcome to my website.

My name is Andrew Guentert and I live in England. I would like to use this website to make contact with as many members as possible of the much extended Guentert/Guntert family. I know many of my family members in Germany (see the page "finding the family in Germany") and know of some in the USA and Switzerland. Based on directories and names on the internet there are many, many more!

My great grandfather Rupert Guentert emigrated to Galashiels in Scotland in the 1860's from Eggingen, a small town in the Schwarzwald in Baden. Eggingen is close to Stuehlingen and Eberfingen, just over the border from Switzerland, 20km from Waldshut and about 70 km from Freiburg. There are still many Guenterts in the town of Eggingen.

When (if?) I have time, I plan to make a thorough methodical attempt to find as many family members as possible round the world but in the meantime if you or a family member are called Guentert/Guntert please email me and we can try to see if there is a link between us even if as far back as the 17th or 18th century. The earliest direct ancestor I have found so far is an Andreas Guntert from Eberfingen whose eldest son was a Johannes Evangelist Guentert born 27 January 1755. 6 years ago we had an enormous family reunion at the Wilden Mann Hotel in Eggingen. Some of the photographs of the reunion are on this site in the pictures section (and more will be when I have time - that word again) together with photos of family members past and present including what I found to be the rather emotional memorial stones of those who died as soldiers during the wars. Note that after 1914 there was no contact between the family in Germany and in the UK for 90 years!

I would love to hear from you - my email address is on the Contact page